Data Recovery in Albany, NY

What happens if your servers suffer a catastrophic data failure? Without proper backups and the ability to restore your data, your business is going to suffer major setbacks and disruptions. Northeast Network Solutions is here to help you prevent them. Through backups and data recovery in Albany, Roessieville, and Colonie, NY, we’ll make sure your data is being handled appropriately at all times and always accessible in the event of disaster.

Data Recovery

Complete Data Backups

At a minimum, your business’ crucial data should be backed up weekly—daily in some cases! If you don’t have an automated system dedicated to scheduling and maintaining backups, count on us to implement one for you. We’ll make sure your data is fully and completely backed up and properly stored for safekeeping. From emails, to archive data, to sensitive documents and more, there’s always a carbon copy available in the event something goes wrong.

Disaster Restoration

Even redundant systems can fail in the event of a major disaster. From simple power outages to damage from flood or fire, if your data is affected you need a way to restore it quickly and completely. When that time comes, count on us. We’ll access your data backup and execute a restore that gets your business up and running again in no time at all. Better still, we’ll work with you throughout the process to bridge the gaps that can occur after catastrophic system failure.

Safe Data Handling

When your data is being backed up or restored, it needs to be handled with the utmost care. We practice safe data handling and rely on things like encrypted email in Albany, NY to assure you of the integrity of your data. We do things right, to make sure your backup and recovery aren’t marred by anymore troubles.

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Need to get a backup plan in place? Dealing with a critical situation that requires data recovery assistance? Reach out to the Northeast Network Solutions team today and learn more about our full scope of capabilities. Call 518-608-5326 today for data recovery, centrally managed antivirus support, network management, and more.

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