Cloud Hosting Services in Albany, NY

The future of business IT is in the cloud. Unfortunately, setting up cloud services isn’t easy without the help of a trained professional. If your business is ready to make the push into the future and migrate to cloud hosting services in Albany, Roessieville, and Colonie, NY, Northeast Network Solutions can help.

We give you the full gamut of hosted cloud services, so you can compute seamlessly across all of your business’ devices, locations and personnel. From more accessible data to better network security in Albany, NY, our cloud hosting services give you the benefits you need to succeed. Some of the chief benefits of email hosting and data management include:

  • Encryption:

    In an age when data security is more important than ever, encryption helps protect the information that’s sensitive to your business. We help you harness the power of encryption to protect everything that’s important to you.

  • Virus Protection:

    A virus can stall your operations and disrupt your business entirely. Through hosted cloud services, we’re able to identify, quarantine and thwart viruses, mitigating their exposure to your IT infrastructure.

  • Spam Filtering:

    Spam emails are a waste of time and carriers of viruses. We target and eliminate spam email and make sure you’re not exposed to these potentially damaging messages.

  • Backups:

    Need to look up an email from a month ago? A year ago? Through backups and archiving, we’re able to store backups of your data to access later. Not only does this free up your inbox, it keeps a paper trail!

  • E-mail:

    Northeast Network Solutions can help you add another level of professionalism and organization to your business with Microsoft Exchange or Office 365 email hosting services. Multiple plan options are available based upon your particular needs as a client.

Our hosted cloud services offer a wide range of additional benefits that any business can leverage into success. In addition to the above, our cloud services can also be easily integrated and appropriately scaled into your business’ plans—all at minimal cost.

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To get your business up and running in the cloud and reap the advantages of everything our hosted cloud hosting services have to offer, reach out to Northeast Network Solutions today at 518-608-5326. We’re also available for data recovery, centrally managed antivirus assistance, and more.

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