Network Monitoring & Endpoint Security in Albany, NY

Today, network security is incredibly important for any business. Malicious hacking attempts and data theft are real possibilities and happen every day to businesses that aren’t safeguarded. Don’t let your business become another case study! Instead, trust the professionals at Northeast Network Solutions to provide you with secure, real-time network monitoring in Albany, Roessieville, and Colonie, NY.

More than just detecting and thwarting hacking attempts, our real-time network monitoring solutions keep your system up and running at peak efficiency at all times. By protecting your network and overseeing its operation, you’ll have peace of mind about your data and essential network resources.

Real-Time Network Monitoring

Benefits Dedicated Monitoring

Having a dedicated network monitor in Albany, NY allows you to detect, identify, thwart and react against network threats as they happen, in real time. Instead of learning about server downtime from a customer complaint or wondering if your data is safe from hackers, you’ll get real-time reassurance from a member of our team. The results of our endpoint security speak for themselves:

  • Less downtime and better network reliability, allowing you to get work done.
  • Fewer issues with your network, leading to better functionality throughout the day.
  • Easier IT budgeting, with controlled costs you can anticipate monthly or annually.
  • Peace of mind against network problems that may plague other businesses.

Put Your Network in Our Hands

Not only do we monitor your network 24/7 to detect problems, we also offer automated alerting that expedites your knowledge of a problem. With triggers in place, we spring into action as soon as a problem is detected and start searching for a solution before the problem has a chance to get any bigger.

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Count on Northeast Network Solutions for real-time network monitoring that will put your mind at ease and prevent common network issues from bogging down your business. Our network monitors will protect your data, improve your uptime and keep your vital systems running at all times. Reach us today at 518-608-5326 to discuss network security solutions, cloud hosting services, data backup, and more.

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