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Top Reasons to Take Advantage of Email Hosting in Albany, NY

December 6, 2018

The technology solutions you implement for your company have a significant impact on your operations. Are you debating what email option to choose? Are you considering email hosting in Albany, NY?

This option can greatly benefit your company. Partnering with a hosted email service provider offers several benefits. Following are the top reasons you should consider this helpful solution for your business email:

  • Volume: How many emails hit your inboxes each day? How many emails do you need to send? The sheer volume of emails you need to process makes partnering with an email service provider a must. By using email hosting in Albany, NY, you will have the infrastructure you need to handle large volumes and send the mass emails that you need to get out quickly and efficiently.
  • Personalization: Import contacts and personalize emails, even if you’re sending a mass campaign. Your email hosting in Albany, NY allows you to set up marketing segments to further tailor your correspondence. Easily create a customized marketing experience that is not possible to achieve without email hosting.
  • Tracking: Ever wonder how many people actually read the emails you send? With email hosting, you don’t have to wonder. Track who opens, who clicks, what they click and who unsubscribes. These tracking features can provide key feedback to help target future efforts.
  • Design: Plain text emails offer less impact and are more likely to be ignored. When you use email hosting, you have access to engaging templates that you can use to quickly and easily create custom designs—and save these designs for future use. You’ll always have sharp, professional emails that attract the attention you desire.
  • Regulations: Spam laws and other email regulations can be hard to keep up with. By using email hosting, you can be sure that your efforts are adhering to current industry standards.
  • Subscriptions: Let your subscribers manage their own accounts. They can sign up for communications or choose which ones no longer apply to them. You don’t have to worry about devoting time to manually update user preferences.
  • Campaigns: Using email hosting, you can create automated campaigns that target your audience with minimal effort. Set up campaigns in no time that will work for you both today and in the future to establish and maintain communication with your key audience.
  • Support: Email hosting in Albany, NY gives you access to experts who can help you with your email efforts. Why try to go it alone or reinvent the wheel? Tap into professional solutions that can strengthen your business and make your life easier.

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