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Tips for Identifying a Phishing Email

March 27, 2019

Most people are online for an incredible amount of time throughout the day, and though it’s easy to celebrate what the internet has done for our lives, it’s clear that it’s provided a new way to scam people as well. One of the most common ways people get scammed online is by falling for the dreaded phishing scam. The criminals behind these emails can trick you into giving up important personal information by masquerading as someone you know, or as a company you do business with.

If you’re worrying about network security in Albany, NY, make sure to keep in mind the following tips for spotting a phishing email:

  • Check out the language and grammar: Many phishing emails are full of errors, so make sure to read your emails carefully. If you think they have more mistakes than you would expect from the sender or the company—which probably hires professional writers and editors to send out its official marketing communications—be wary.
  • Read email addresses carefully: It’s well known that people behind phishing scams are trying to mask themselves, often by using the name of a trusted company. These people will use website and email addresses to mimic the company’s information, but if you look at them more closely, you should be able to see some differences that seem odd. For example, most company representatives have a fairly simple email address like: If the email you have contains more complex addresses like, you should be skeptical.
  • Never click on an attachment: If you suspect something about the email you’re getting, one definite no-no is to click on the attachment. Of course, if you’re expecting to receive an attachment of a receipt from a company you just did business with, then you can click. But if the attachment seems odd, or if it seems to have come out of left field, you should avoid opening it. Lots of phishing scams will install a virus or malware program, and the email attachment could let those enter your system.
  • Never confirm any personal information: Criminals want your information, and they may ask you to do something like provide account numbers or your usernames and passwords for sites with sensitive information. Never provide this information unless you’re 100 percent sure you’re on the right website and that it’s secure. You can always contact the company or individual directly to provide information they may need.

By reading your emails with a critical eye, you can avoid a lot of the scammers circling around you. However, your identity and financial information is sensitive, so it’s often worth it to also invest in network security in Albany, NY. You need to find a company you can trust with your information, and Northeast Network Solutions has the expertise and the commitment to customer service that make us the perfect choice.

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