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What Is Cloud Hosting, and Is It Right for My Business?

May 7, 2019

Cloud computing services have exploded in popularity over the last five years or so. Now more businesses than ever are storing information and conducting their business over the cloud. But what exactly does that mean, and how do you know if this type of service is right for your company?

Here’s an overview of what you should know about cloud hosting services in Albany County, NY.

What exactly is “the cloud” anyway?

If you’ve heard someone refer to “the cloud,” what they are referring to is a network of servers connected across the internet. There are many different “clouds,” so to speak—they’re not all connected. The general idea is that a remote server hosts the cloud-based service, the information stored on it and the applications that run on it.

Google Drive is perhaps the most ubiquitous example of a cloud-based solution, one people use for business or for their personal affairs with great frequency. You can create a file on Google Drive, share it with others and all collaborate on the same file from multiple locations—that’s a simple example of the primary benefits of the cloud and how it operates.

There are other types of cloud services that are service-based rather than storage-based. For example, Netflix’s streaming service exists on the internet, can be accessed by any internet-connected device from any location and can be operated on multiple types of devices (phones, tablets, computers, game consoles.). The information stored on your Netflix account about the programs you’ve watched and your ratings and preferences will show up across all these devices, no matter where you access the internet, because all that information is stored on the service in the cloud.

Is the cloud right for my business?

Many types of businesses can benefit from cloud storage and computing, but it’s still worth investigating whether or not it’s a better option than whatever your current service and storage options are. Some questions you should consider include:

  • Do I understand how to use it? If the answer is “no,” you should probably at least start getting a basic understanding of how to use it. But until you either get that knowledge or hire someone who can maintain your cloud services, you might hold off.
  • What costs can I dedicate to it? Cloud services are very scalable, so there are a variety of different price structures. Be sure you have an understanding of what your needs are and how much you’re willing to budget before you move forward.
  • What will the migration entail? Will migrating to the cloud result in you having any issues with delayed work or outages? Make sure you’ve got a full migration plan in place before you pull the trigger.
  • What will I use it for? What types of cloud-based solutions are you most likely to use? Consider this carefully before deciding to proceed.

For more information about cloud computing and how you can make use of cloud hosting services in Albany County, NY, contact the experts at Northeast Network Solutions today.

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