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Signs That You Should Update Your Network Security in Albany, NY Before It’s Too Late

August 7, 2021

In a world of technology and innovation, nearly every business relies on networks for their operations. This makes network security in Albany, NY essential. Of course, not all security is effective. You must remain current with your network security in Albany, NY for proper protection.

How can you tell when it’s time to update your network security in Albany, NY? Watch for the following red flags that your system is outdated and needs a refresh. Don’t wait, as your entire operations can suffer or even fail if your security doesn’t prove effective.

It’s Been a While

Do you remember the last time you updated your network security in Albany, NY? If you can’t remember, then it’s time for an update. Regular updates are essential to maintain proper security, so remain on top of this task with frequent updates. Add them to your calendar so you stay on track with updates in the future.

You Keep Getting Access Requests

Are you experiencing an increase in requests to access data that is sensitive? If these requests are administrator-level, you should be particularly concerned. These requests could indicate that you have a breach in your network security. It’s important to act right away to close any gaps and shut out anyone who has gained full or partial access already. If the requests are high in number, this could mean multiple attackers are invading your network.

There Are More Accounts Than Employees

Do you remove employee accounts as soon as an employee is no longer with your company? You should never have more employee user accounts than staff members. If you do, this means you have not deleted old accounts or there are fake accounts being created in your system. Monitor accounts to ensure they remain up-to-the-minute and legit.

You’re Missing Patches

Have you applied a security patch in the last month? Applying software patches is basic to ongoing network security in Albany, NY. It’s common for companies to skip this process, but they shouldn’t. Failure to keep up to date with patches is a common cause of vulnerability that results in security breaches.

It’s a Pattern

Have you been breached before? If you have experienced a security issue in the past, it’s important to learn from this event. It indicates that you may not have the best systems in place to protect your network security in Albany, NY and need to make adjustments. Update your security measures to prevent future incidents. By maintaining ongoing updates, you’ll stay ahead of the game and avoid repeated breaches.

When You See the Signs

Are you noticing any of these red flags that you need to update your network security in Albany, NY? If so, contact the professional team at Northeast Network Solutions. We focus on making sure you can securely access what you need, when you need it. Whether you’re starting a new business, upgrading your computers or looking for specialized IT support, we’re here to help. Visit us online for a free site analysis and learn how we manage your security, so you can manage your business.

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