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What Are Cloud Hosting Services in Albany, NY, and Why Do I Need Them?

March 12, 2019

As a business owner, you’ve almost certainly heard of “the cloud” as being an effective hosting solution for your online operations and data storage. Cloud computing involves the use of remote servers and data centers to accomplish tasks such as making critical calculations, storing important data and networking and communicating with colleagues, customers and the general public. What exactly is so beneficial about cloud hosting services in Albany, NY? Here... View Article

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The Biggest Benefits of Data Backup in Albany, NY

September 26, 2018

You’re likely to have a whole lot of important, potentially confidential information on hand at your business. Shouldn’t you be doing everything you can to protect that information, not just against attackers, but against potential system failure and data losses? Many business owners know that it’s important to back up their data regularly, but simply do not make the backup process a priority. Some studies indicate that only about half... View Article

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